recent manuscripts

  • Morphology of extraction: Reassessing vP phasehood [pdf]
    [w/ Hedde Zeijlstra]
    Ms. UCLA & Universität Göttingen.
  • Not all reconstruction effects are syntactic [pdf]
    [w/ Ethan Poole]
    Ms., USC & UCLA.
  • More on (the lack of) reconstruction in tough-constructions [pdf]
    [w/ Ethan Poole & Jon Ander Mendia]
    Ms., UCLA, USC & Universität Düsseldorf.

to appear

  • Movement and cyclic Agree [pdf]
    [w/ Bhamati Dash]
    Natural Language and Linguistic Theory
  • Impoverishment [pdf]
    [w/ Gereon Müller]
    Cambridge Handbook of Distributed Morphology ed. by A. Alexiadou, R. Kramer, A. Marantz & I. Oltra-Massuet. Cambridge: CUP.


  • Feature gluttony [pdf]
    [w/ Jessica Coon]
    Linguistic Inquiry 52, 655–710.


  • Probes and Their Horizons [link]
    Linguistic Inquiry Monograph 81. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.
  • Locality domains in syntax: Evidence from sentence processing [link; prefinal pdf; suppl. materials]
    Syntax 23, 105–151.


  • Hierarchy effects in copula constructions [link; prefinal pdf]
    [w/ Michael Wagner & Jessica Coon]
    Canadian Journal of Linguistics 64, 617–648.
  • Selective opacity [link]
    Linguistic Inquiry 50, 13–62.
  • Secondary strong crossover in Hindi and the typology of movement [pdf]
    [w/ Rajesh Bhatt]
    Proceedings of NELS 49, Vol. 1. ed. by M. Baird & J. Pesetsky. Amherst: GLSA, pp.125–134.


  • Case vs. positions in the locality of A-movement [link]
    Glossa 3, 138.
  • The cyclicity of φ-Agree: Evidence from scrambling [pdf]
    [w/ Bhamati Dash]
    Proceedings of NELS 48. ed. by S. Hucklebridge & M. Nelson. Amherst: GLSA, pp. 91–104.
  • Interpreting long scrambling in Hindi-Urdu [pdf]
    [w/ Ethan Poole]
    Proceedings of NELS 48. ed. by S. Hucklebridge & M. Nelson. Amherst: GLSA, pp. 105–118.
  • Tense and the realization of the feminine plural in Hindi-Urdu [prefinal pdf]
    [w/ Rajesh Bhatt]
    Perspectives on the Architecture and Acquisition of Syntax: Essays in Honour of R. Amritavalli. ed. by G. Sengupta, S. Sircar, M. Gayathri Raman & R. Balusu. Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 49–76.


  • Long-distance agreement [prefinal pdf]
    [w/ Rajesh Bhatt]
    The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Syntax, 2nd Edition, Vol. IV. ed by M. Everaert & H. van Riemsdijk. Blackwell-Wiley, Hoboken, NJ, pp. 2291–2321.
  • Intervention in tough-constructions revisited [link; prefinal pdf]
    [w/ Ethan Poole]
    The Linguistic Review 34: 295–329.
  • Hierarchy effects in copular constructions: The PCC corner of German [pdf]
    [w/ Jessica Coon & Michael Wagner]
    Proceedings of NELS 47. ed. by A. Lamont & K. Tetzloff. Amherst: GLSA, pp. 205–214.
  • Agreement and vP phases [pdf]
    A Schrift to Fest Kyle Johnson [link]. ed. by N. LaCara, K. Moulton & A.-M. Tessier. University of Massachusetts Amherst: Linguistics Open Access Publications 1, pp. 177–185.


  • Probes and their horizons [pdf]
    Dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • Interpreting verb clusters [link]
    [w/ Rajesh Bhatt]
    Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 34: 1445–1492.


  • Verb clusters and the semantics of head movement [pdf]
    [w/ Rajesh Bhatt]
    Proceedings of WCCFL 32. ed. by U. Steindl, T. Borer, H. Fang, A. García Pardo, P. Guekguezian, B. Hsu, C. O'Hara & I. C. Ouyang. Cascadilla Press, Somerville, MA, pp. 82–91.
  • Differential argument encoding by impoverishment [link; prefinal pdf]
    [w/ Gereon Müller]
    Scales and Hierarchies: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective. ed. by I. Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, A. Malchukov & M. Richards. de Gruyter, Berlin, pp. 75–130.


  • Complete and defective agreement in Kutchi [link; prefinal pdf]
    [w/ Trupti Nisar & Rajesh Bhatt]
    Linguistic Variation 14: 243–288.


  • Deconstructing switch-reference [link]
    Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 31: 767–826.
  • Syntagmatic constraints on insertion [link]
    Morphology 23: 201–226.
  • On the role of movement in Hindi/Urdu long-distance agreement [pdf]
    Proceedings of NELS 42. ed. by S. Keine & S. Sloggett. GLSA, Amherst, pp. 273–284.


  • How complex are complex words? Evidence from linearization [prefinal pdf]
    Lingua 122: 1268–1281.


  • Non-zero/non-zero alternations in differential object marking [pdf]
    [w/ Gereon Müller]
    Proceedings of NELS 39. S. Lima, K. Mullin & B. Smith. GLSA, Amherst, pp. 441–454.


  • Case and Agreement from Fringe to Core: A Minimalist Approach [link]
    de Gruyter, Berlin.
  • Does chain hybridization in Irish support movement-based approaches to long-distance dependencies? [pdf]
    [w/ Anke Assmann, Fabian Heck, Johannes Hein & Gereon Müller]
    Proceedings of the HPSG10 Conference. ed. by S. Müller. CSLI, Stanford, pp. 27–46.


  • Reanalyzing Hindi split-ergativity as a morphological phenomenon [pdf]
    1 2 many. ed. by J. Trommer & A. Opitz. Universität Leipzig: Linguistische Arbeitsberichte 85, pp. 73–127.